Fishheart Ltd., Apajax Oy and engineering office Jami Aho are intensifying their co-operating in the field of river restorations

Fishheart Ltd., Apajax Oy and environmental technic’s engineering office Jami Aho have agreed on co-operation, that enable Fishheart to offer aquatic system initiatives in more versatile way either in separate sections or integrated projects, that includes surveying, investing, planning, seeking of funding, licensing, inviting tenders, implementation, supervising, reporting and the follow-up of the restoration project.

Jarmo Pautamo from Apajax Oy and environmental technic’s engineering office Jami Aho will be responsible of surveying the restoring and natural stream projects, composing the restoring plans, applying permits and supervising the work, while Fishheart focuses on funding, tendering the contracts and overall management of the projects.

This cooperation makes it possible for Fishheart to plan and carry out natural stream solutions, river restorations, demolishing unnecessary dams and power stations, and Fishheart fishway solutions in various sizes for its customers. “We are extremely excited of this intensifying of cooperation with Jarmo and Jami! Their proficiency is the strongest possible in Finland and the restoring projects they have planned have provenly produced very high densities of juvenile in the electrofishing tests in the restored locations.”, says the sales director of Fishheart Ltd., Mika Sohlberg.


Over 30 hectares of new spawning- and juvenile areas around Rötkösensaari- island in river Kemijoki

This new co-operation will start in the following months as the surrounding area of Rötkösensaari- island in Kemijoki is being surveyed. The intention is to plan and build about 30 hectares of completely new spawning and juvenile areas to the surroundings of Rötkösensaari, on the low south fork of the main channel. By choosing right locations and restoring methods a wide reproduction area can be achieved, where the life cycle of salmon and sea trout can take place from spawning to the smolt stage. “The achievable reproduction area is exceptionally large on a Finnish scale: The average size of a restoring project is 0.2-2 hectares of spawning and juvenile areas. This project will also be the first reproduction area complex to be restored into a large built river. The project is going to have challenges in terms of planning, implementation and the flows in the area. The positive results and experiences of running water restorations gives faith to Rötkösensaari initiative.”, says Jarmo Pautamo from Apajax Oy. Good and efficient co-operation with all participants is a prerequisite to get the salmon to return to Kemijoki river system. Kemijoki Oy is a partner in this project, and Nousu funding will be applied for the project.


Vaattunkiköngäs rapid in river Raudanjoki will be restored

Another, already started, project is the surveying and preparation of a restoring plan of Vaattunkiköngäs rapid and its main channel and side channels in river Raudanjoki, located north-east of Rovaniemi. The channels will be surveyed, and the restoring plan of the rapid area is made based on the information gathered during the survey. In accordance with the objective, the restorations will be carried out in the open water season in 2023. “Last fall we received a tip of this location from WWF. Additional restorations in the upstream of Raudanjoki will be carried out by Metsähallitus already in the summer 2022. The forthcoming restorations of Vaattunkiköngäs will provide excellent living and breeding conditions for trout also in the downstream”, Mika Sohlberg says.




Further information:

Mika Sohlberg  050 010 3344
Jarmo Pautamo  045 268 5364
Jami Aho  040 0868250